Project Description

Paklenica is a magic word in rock climbing communities. Usually once it’s said, no explanation follows, but everyone starts to nod and eyes are sparkling. And the outsiders have no clue what it is about. Well, Paklenica is an amazing national park on the mediterranean shore in Dalmatia. Besides its unique flora and fauna its more than 400 climbing routes – between 3 and 8b+ difficulty – makes it incredibly attractive.

The Croatian climbers discovered its limestone rocks in the late 1930s, and after the second World War more and more climbing routes were opened here. The national park became really popular among the rock climbers of the neighboring countries. Hungary being relatively close by, it attracts many Hungarian climbers as well.

As a tradition, the parks holds the International Climber Meeting every spring. In its rich program you can find climbing-marathon, speed climbing competition, film festival and it also offers the possibility to interact and share experiences with climbers coming from many different countries.