Project Description

New Zealand is the “the land of the long white cloud”, the world of hobbits, the universe of elves and orcs, the home of amazing New World vineyards, the climbing heaven of the Southern Alps or the hypnotic haka of the national rugby team – a different idea for everyone. It is a truly beautiful country with rich natural heritage, where it seems impossible to highlight only one attraction, one unforgettable destination or one experience. Whatever you love to do in your free time, for sure there will be an amazing opportunity to try it out in New Zealand.

The greatest hardship that is usually highlighted by the travelers visiting the country from faraway locations is, that it is difficult – if not impossible – to squeeze in all the plans into the time they have available. Don’t let the map fool you: the country is really huge and is located far away even from its closest neighbor, as it is an almost 4 hours flight from Australia as well. If you plan to visit many places there, prepare yourself for the long drives and calculate with this loss of time from your overall time dedicated to this country. If you don’t have months for a trip to New Zealand, find out your priorities. Are you into gastronomy and the world famous New World Wines? Or are you a fan of the maori culture and the early settlements that are turned into charming little towns? Or you prefer to have various outdoor activities? We vote for the latter. But even if you plan to do tramping and other outdoor fun, you still need to make some important decisions: the volcanic North Island known from the Lord of the Rings, or the South Island with the impressive Southern Alps? Or to try to do both? After all we hope not the have greater difficulty in life than making this decision – but believe me, it is not an easy choice!

We created our New Zealand itinerary after going through this dilemma already. We offer volcano-trek on the North Island, canyoning, trekking route from and outside of the Great Walks collection, mountain climbing in the Southern Alps, sea kayaking and trekking on the coast as well. Our program is constructed in a way, that the smaller program-elements can be combined so that the final package suits you and your dreams the most.

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