Project Description

The Monte Rosa Group is one of the most attractive regions of the Alps offering reasonable challenges for everyone, regardless of being a rookie or an expert in the world of alpinism. The range is located on the border of Switzerland and Italy, and Dufourspitze (4.634m) is the highest peak of the group and of Switzerland as well.

Here you can make your choice among the easier and more difficult 4000+ mountains. You need some focus while picking and identifying your favorite peaks, as most of them have a German and an Italian name as well. The tradition of having double names is due to the fact that the Monte Rosa massif is located on the border, and this fact also makes it possible to approach the selected summit from the Italian or from the Swiss side as you like (and as your physical preparedness allows you). It would be hard to deny, that we prefer to enjoy the hospitality of the Italian mountain huts before ascending to the 4000+ high peaks.

Besides mountain climbing the Monte Rosa massif offers some other delicacy as well. Those who like high altitude trekking will love the Monte Rosa Circuit, the route around the Monte Rosa massif. This trek connects 7 alpine valleys following several Italian and Swiss medieval commercial routes. It goes through 6 passes, all between the elevation of 2.700 and 3.300 meters, providing a great challenge to the trekkers.

For those who fond of the records will for sure like, that they can stay overnight in the Margherita Hut (on Punta Gnifetti/Signalkuppe), the mountain hut situated at the highest elevation in the Alps.

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