Project Description

Corse is an amazingly beautiful island of France in the Mediterranean Sea, but one has a feeling, that it doesn’t really belong there, it is a unique universe. It has its own language, exciting history, the obvious signs of a long lasting freedom fight, irresistible gastronomy and breathtaking nature. Should we have some doubt about choosing the right destination for our active holiday, we just need to have a look at the turquoise sea from one of the picturesque rock formations, and this feeling immediately goes away. 

It worth to visit Porto and Bastia, the welcoming little towns alongside the shore; have a walk in Ajaccio, the birthplace of Napoleon; or just look at the distance toward Sardinia from Bonifacio. You shouldn’t miss the  wines, the sweets and jam made out of local chestnut, and the special roast pork – that is really unique, as the half-wild pigs eat a lot of chestnut in the woods, so their meet is enriched with some really delicious taste.

Of course our attraction to Corse is easily justified by its beautiful mountains, wild whitewater and canyons. Did you know, that there are more than 100 peaks with a height of 2000+ meters on this tiny island? Maybe the most famous of them all is Monte Cinto, with its elevation on 2.706 meters. No wonder, that one of Europe’s most exciting, and in the dry and hot summer season extremely challenging trekking route, GR20 is located here.

Corse is a real outdoor heaven. Should you be in love with trekking, mountain biking, rock climbing, sea kayaking or canyoning, Corse is a place to visit.

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