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In most cases we ask for confirming your reservation with a deposit. When leaving for longer trips, you might need to pay the full price in advance.

Of course they can! We are happy to organize family friendly trips, where the whole family can be part of the adventure.

The participation fee is special and unique in all cases. Every participant pays a price matching the requested services and solutions, so that everyone wins.

No, there’s no age limit. Our activities are designed in a way, that we consider not only your dreams, but your physical shape, your endurance, and if relevant, your age as well. Based on our experience it is always possible to create an adventure, where your dream doesn’t need to be modified at all, and your age has no effect on the experience.

The activities and the dates that you can find in our calendar are rather guidelines or examples. If there is something you really like, you want something similar with a twist, or on another date, please contact us. We’ll figure out something special for you, that might become an experience of your lifetime.

We will consider your endurance already when planning the activity, therefore it is quite unlikely, that you cannot keep up with the rhythm. Of course, there’s no guarantee for this. So if it happens, the best thing you can do is to alert us as soon as possible, so we can offer you an ideal solution. Depending on the type of adventure we have, we might have an extra rest day, or change the schedule of the next day, or if it is really necessary, we might cut the program and turn back. But remember, you have more strength and stamina than you ever imagined.

The reaction of our body to altitude defers person by person, and even occasion by occasion. You might had an eventless time when you’ve last been at high altitude, and it had no effect on your performance. But next time, seemingly without any reason, even on a lower elevation you struggle with walking. As much as it is unpredictable, it is totally normal. Most of our activities are constructed in a way, that we can immediately react on the effect of altitude. We always can give extra time for proper acclimatization – if needed, we drop some program elements, that are not too important for you. If time doesn’t help to better acclimatize, we make a responsible decision to descend to lower elevation and paying attention to the reactions of your body we decide about the next step.

The necessary gear mainly depends on the type of adventure we start together. Before each trip we organize a face-to-face meeting, where we discuss the list of necessary gear as well. For canyoning, we provide all the necessary equipment. For the other activity types we can assist you in renting gear, or we can advise you if you decide the buy the basic set of equipment.

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