Who is a coach and what does he do?

Beyond the world of sports, coaches are professionals, who can assist to overcome your challenges or support you to reach your goals in any aspect of your life. Coaches are not teachers, are not telling you what exactly you should do and how. Neither are they therapists or advisers. They act as an external and objective aid, who can help you to understand and define your personal goals, support you, encourage you and accompany you in your journey of change.

How does Adventure Coaching work?

The fundamentals of Adventure Coaching lay in traditional coaching: working together with the client as partner to define its desired goals. We believe in the amazing power of nature, that immediately has its effects on us once we get out of our civilized, secure and predictable surrounding. We help our participants to have their unique exploratory adventure: sense nature literally on their skin and feel its supportive power in their soul as well. These experiences help us gaining a deeper self-recognition, and to discover the so far unknown skills, capabilities and characteristics of ours.
Adventure Coaching is a creative process with the clients, where we rely on the methodology of experiential education and adventure therapy. Adventure Coaching in an adventure planned and lived together, and is more than a photo on the summit or overcoming the physical challenges. It is about the journey itself, about the internal processes triggered by the adventure and about keeping this experience live and having use of it in our everyday life. Adventure Coaching is a discovery. The discovery of your goals, your limits, the journey of breaking through these limits. But also the discovery of your successes, your failures, and of taking responsibility and letting things go.
We support you to consciously integrate in your life the experiences you gained on our joint adventures.

“Getting to know ourselves is the greatest journey, the most terrifying discovery, the most educating encounter.” 

(Márai Sándor)