Our mission is to offer unique,

tailor-made adventures for our clients

on special destinations.


Why to choose us? 

We listen to you! The locations, the dates, the challenges and the group size will be finalized upon your needs. Besides the advertised tours almost anything else is possible.

We take the time to get to know you and prepare together for the adventure and to celebrate with you at the end.

We work with small groups only, in order to give attention to every participant in extreme situations as well. This is how we ensure  your emotional and physical safety.

We support you to develop during the adventures. We have a systemic approach and consider every adventure as a process: we prepare, plan, make your dream happen and process the experiences gained.

We are available on all channels if you want to reach out and share anything with us. We are happy to connect. Before, during and after the activity as well.

All the adventures are adjusted to the given circumstances and this might result changing the original plans. We keep you updated about any change in the plans, so that you know and understand what is happening and why.

We are a match

  • if you want something that you cannot find on the Hungarian market – special destinations, different dates

  • if you want dedicated attention

  • if you want to learn and develop yourself

  • if you need assistance during preparation

  • if you believe in teamwork

  • if beyond the summit, human connections matter to you

  • if you are able to turn back before the summit (or want to learn how to do it)

  • if you are ready to pay a bit more for premium services

  • if you are open for new experiences

  • if you can accept, that you take risks in extreme mountain environment – you can only stay 100% safe, if you do not participate in such programs.


A professional team supports you to have the richest experience possible. We all travel the world for years and search for unique adventures. We have mountaineering instructor, canyoning guide, diving instructor, mountain bike guide among us. We have also worked with adult and child groups for years, as a trainer, coach, mentor or manager.

Koltai Ákos 

Founder and tour leader

Pintér Judit

Manager and tour leader

Boros Balázs Mókus

Tour leader and bike expert


We believe that every adventure should be unique and we all deserve the best.

We take our time to get to know you and create the perfect adventure for you.

Our aim is, that our participants experience, that they are capable of doing way more than they thought before. Beyond having this as a unique, one-in-a-lifetime adventure, we support them to keep this experience in their everyday life. We believe, that this can be the start of a process that will result to live a healthier and happier life. A life, where through processing their experiences they will be able to connect much easier to themselves, to the world and to the nature.

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We design you an adventure that goes beyond a summit photo or a mere completion of the trek. It’s about the road you take, the process that is happening in you, the experiences you have and the integration of these experiences in your everyday life. Is is about discoveries. Discovering your goals, your limits, the road to step over these limits, the success or the failure, taking the responsibility or letting go.  We would like to be your partners in integrating the experiences of your trips more consciously in your life.

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We believe, that nature is our master. Adventures in nature make us realize our limits and offer an opportunity to break through them. We can experience what we are truly capable of. We can learn to take responsibility for ourselves and to make autonomous decisions. As well as to be persistent, to let go, to be humble and respect ourselves and our surrounding. To achieve all these it is crucial to actively participate and then process the experiences we gain.

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